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We don't have an online shop and we encourage you to visit our shop.

By shopping with us you support local Guiding and Girlguiding, as all Guiding items are bought from Girlguiding Trading Services. You save yourself the hassle of having to return and reorder any items which do not fit.

We usually hold multiple sizes of all Rainbow, Brownie and Guide uniforms and have special offers on giftware.

Online catalogue

You can see the full catalogue at Girlguiding's website shop.

There you can see all the gift and uniform options, prices and sizes. There will be a link allowing you to order from us so you can try the clothes on before you buy.

Our catalogue

This is just a highlight of our catalogue. For a full catalogue see the Girlguide website or a recent "Guiding Essentials" catalogue (you can view the catalogue here).



rainbow uniform

We usually hold multiple sizes of the most popular Rainbow, Brownie, Guide uniforms


rainbow uniform

Including resources, record books and music books.


rainbow uniform

Uniform badges for all levels of guiding.

Guiding Giftware

World Thinking Day 2017 Woven Badges

Including special badges, bags and leader gifts


Floral Canvas Record Bag

Rainbow, Brownie and Guide bags